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10 Oct 2005
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I’m on the hunt for some where that sells thin wood (pref European hard woods), The wood yard I use is great for anything over 1” thick but I’m looking for something more around ¼” or even 3/16”. I had considered using the surface planer and just planning it down but that seems a waste of wood so dose anyone know anywhere that may be able to help.

You will have a job finding hardwoods below 1" thick. What sort of overall sizes do you need and how much :?: .

The usual way to get thinner boards without too much waste is to deep saw them with a bandsaw from thicker boards, you will be limited by the size of the bandsaw but boards can be book matched and edge jointed if you need them wider than the bandsaws depth of cut.

I need a min of 7" wide 12" long so my crappy draper bandsaw will not do, the one option I had come up with so far was to buy tonewood i.e blank soundboards for guitars which I think will be the easiest way out of this
Not European but may be of use

They will also machine timber to what you want but price will depend on quantity, I just had them quote me for about 100m of 94x6mm white oak.


I'm not sure there is anywhere out there that will give you what you want regarding the thickness, having said that british hardwoods will plane down t size for you, but you are still paying for minimum 3/4".

Why don't you find somewhere that has the bandsaw capacity to slice for you, if you take it above the thickness dimension you want any bowing caused by stress releave can be planed out.

Hope this helps.

I wouldn't recommend using tone-wood as you'll be paying a lot more for it. Your best bet is to re-saw the boards into the thickness you want. I'm only in essex (just outside the m25 near lakeside) so your more than welcome to come over to me and use my bandsaw, it should resaw 7" without too many problems.

jasonB":9dcxr7qh said:
I just had them quote me for about 100m of 94x6mm white oak. Jason

100m? Anything interesting?? :lol: :wink:

May not go ahead, just been talking to the client (ash bench & table)who is now thinking of something different, its for a bedroom /dressingroom /bathroom knocked through the house front to back. May be a different wood or different style oh well back to the drawing board.


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