The Starrett Tool Box Project

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16 May 2021
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Colorado, usa

My ex stole my LN chisels and a Bridgecity CT-6 hand drill. I found my shop a mess. Tools everywhere. It’s time to get them organized and secure! So my first project was to build my interpretation of a gerstner tool box to hold my Starrett machine tools. The build videos will be uploaded to YouTube shortly. The box is quarter sawn white oak with maple drawers. The drawer fronts are walnut from a tree we sawed up years ago. The lower joinery is dovetails and the upper joinery is finger joints. The back is frame and rail construction. The lid has Purple Heart banding on the top. The interior lid is Alaskan yellow cedar with inlaid ebony Purple Heart, walnut and redwood. I machined the panel hardware pins from brass, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. I figure I will load four or five build videos on this one. Just began a bigger similar box for my woodworking tools. It’s not perfect but it’s awsome. Many tools already have a new home. I will move my Starrett stuff into it when I finish my second box. Keep an eye out at Devmeister Super Precision on YouTube for these videos.