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22 Nov 2023
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South Wales
Newbie here, just joined. Took up woodworking as a hobby a year ago at the age of 62. No idea why, just suddenly wanted to make things out of wood. I had watched Handmade Britain's Best woodworkers, so that might have inspired me, not sure. Anyway last year I bought some wood and some basic tools watch tons of YouTube videos and then firstly made the old apprentices tool box and then once I got an electric saw I bought some more wood and made a bench. I have attached some pics one shows the bench in mid stage of the build with the tool box underneath it and the others show the bench finished and oiled. I was happy with them for my first ever wood work projects. Mad e a few other items since and a load of chopping boards just to try and get the money back for the very expensive wood I keep buying. I also have made some terrible decisions on equipment having bought cheap and now regret just about every purchase. I thought I had done my research, how wrong was I. So always open to advice especially how to spend my hard earned money and not waste it on tools that are not fit for purpose and some that were not needed in the first place.. bench 1 .jpgbench2.jpgbench 3.jpg