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For Sale The Great DVD Sale – Part 2


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18 Jul 2018
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Hi All

I’m selling my woodworking DVD collection.

Next up is my Artisan woodworking courses from Paul Sellers (Last DVD is Simon James)
I’ve bought all of these direct from Artisan Media/Amazon.

I’d like to first see if I can sell these as a job lot – so please don’t ask me to spilt them or sell them individually at this stage. I may consider it if I have no takers on this platform and the others I will post this sale on.

I’m not sure why but the original website of Artisan Media is no longer available. From Paul Sellers website he states he’s bought the rights for his book, not sure about the DVD’s.
I read how he regretted doing these for someone else originally – early in the day.
I guess these will never become available again.
Working Wood 1 & 2 : The Artisan Course - Paul Sellers' Blog
The books are beautifully written and photographed.
  1. Working Wood Series 1 – Woodworking Essentials 1 (1 DVD 1hr 20mins)
  2. Working Wood Series 1 – Woodworking Essentials 2 (1 DVD 1hr 27mins)
  3. Working Wood Series 2 – Master Sharpening (1 DVD 1hr 57mins)
  4. Working Wood Series 2 – Master European Workbenches (1 DVD 1hr 24mins)
  5. Working Wood Series 2 – Master Mortise & Tenons (1 DVD 1hr 40mins)
  6. Working Wood Series 2 – Master Housing Dadoes (1 DVD 1hr 24mins)
  7. Working Wood Series 2 – Master Dovetails (1 DVD 1hr 20mins)
  8. Working Wood Series 3 – Traditional Workshop Jigs & Devices (1 DVD 2hrs 22mins)
  9. BOOKS:
    1. Working Wood 1& 2 with Paul Sellers
    2. Working Wood 3 with Simon James
The books have been sat on my bookshelf for too long not read. So time to pass these on.

Cost is £150 for the DVDs + 2 books which includes shipping to any UK postcode – any other destination, please talk and buyer will pay shipping costs.


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Hi Rob,

Just checking if you still have the Artisan Working Wood Series books and DVDs for sale? Very interested if you do.