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Sold The Great DVD Sale – Part 1


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18 Jul 2018
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Hi All

I’m selling my woodworking DVD collection.
First up is my woodworking courses from Hendrik Varju

I’ve bought all of these direct from Hendrik in Canada and I paid the shipping.

I’d like to first see if I can sell these as a job lot – so please don’t ask me to spilt them or sell them individually at this stage. I may consider it if I have no takers on this platform and the others I will post this sale on.

You can buy these direct if you wish and here is Hendrik’s website and info:
Hendrik Varju's Instructional Woodworking DVDs | Woodworking Instruction
Please use his website for clips of the videos and full content details etc.

For sale is:
  1. Wood Science & Design (3 DVD’s 5hrs 54mins) Cdn. $84.95
  2. Surface Preparation and Staining (5 DVD’s 9hrs) Cdn. $99.95
  3. Hand Finishing and Rubbing Out (5 DVD’s 9hrs 52mins) Cdn. $99.95
  4. Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels (5 DVD’s 8hrs 43mins) Cdn. $99.95
  5. Mortise and Tenon Joinery (5 DVD’s 10hrs 58mins) Cdn. $99.95
  6. Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives (3 DVD’s 6hrs 13mins) Cdn. $84.95
  7. Making Drawers (5 DVD’s 10hrs 28min) Cdn. $99.95
  8. Making Frame and Panel Doors (5 DVD’s 9hrs 22mins) Cdn. $99.95
  9. Handcut Dovetails (4 DVD’s 6hrs 58mins) Cdn. $94.95
  10. End Grain Table Tops & Cutting Boards (3 DVD’s 6hrs 33mins) Cdn. $84.95
  11. Making Tapered Table Legs (4 DVD’s 8hrs 4mins) Cdn. $94.95
  12. Finger Joints on the Table Saw (4 DVD’s 7hrs 40mins) Cdn. $94.95
  13. Dowels, Splines and Mitres (5 DVD’s 9hrs 57mins) Cdn. $99.95
  14. Simple Vacuum Veneering (5 DVD’s 9hrs 20mins) Cdn. $99.95
I paid Cdn $1339.30 for these + shipping
This equates to about £801 + shipping

From Hendrik’s Website: New Discount Program on Larger Purchases​

Buy 3 or more DVD courses and shipping is free (standard shipping methods only).
Buy 5 or more DVD courses and receive 10% off plus free shipping.
Buy 10 or more DVD courses and receive 15% off plus free shipping.
Buy 15 or more DVD courses and receive 20% off plus free shipping.
Buy “The Full Monty” (all 20 DVD courses) and receive 25% off plus free shipping.

I’m selling at 50% discount as these have been watched once and technically second hand :)

Price is: £400 for 119hrs of woodworking courses which includes shipping to any UK postcode – any other destination, please talk and buyer will pay shipping costs.


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What is the cost for all DVDs shipped to the US? Postal code 60062. Let me know if you need the full address.