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Sold The Great DVD Sale – Part 3


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18 Jul 2018
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Hi All

I’m selling my David Charlesworth woodworking DVD collection – which is all bar 1

I can’t remember where I bought these. But I think it was from David’s website which sadly is no longer up.

I’d like to first see if I can sell these as a job lot – so please don’t ask me to split them or sell them individually at this stage. I may consider it if I have no takers on this platform and the others I will post this sale on.

You will need to set your VPN to the US to connect to the links below:
  1. The Mortise & Tenon Joint with David Charlesworth (176mins)
  2. The Through Dovetail with David Charlesworth (191mins)
  3. The Knuckle and Rule Joints with David Charlesworth (113mins)
  4. Precision Planing with David Charlesworth (110mins)
  5. Secret Mitre Dovetail with David Charlesworth (168mins)
  6. Plane Sharpening with David Charlesworth (130mins)
  7. Drawer Making and Fitting with David Charlesworth (162mins)
  8. Furniture Making Techniques: Five Topics (188mins)
  9. Chisel Techniques for Precision Joinery (100mins)
  10. Precision Preparation of Chisels for Accurate Joinery (64mins)
  11. Precision Shooting Simplified (63mins)
These are beautifully made and very therapeutic to watch. There will never be another – RIP.

If you can find them in the UK they are selling for circa £15-£20 each
I’m selling this batch (watched once) for £100 which includes shipping to any UK postcode – any other destination, please talk and buyer will pay shipping costs.


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We collected on:

Wednesday 5 April 2023 at 1.56pm .

Please keep this email as proof of postage
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