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For Sale DVD Clear out - Peter Sefton, David Savage, Steve Maskery and Rob Cosman


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14 Aug 2012
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Hi All

As I am shutting up shop, I am selling all of my DVD's (books to follow). All the DVD,s have been watched once, (One is still in the cellophane wrapping and not watched). So in effect all are as new so to speak and in very good condition. All are genuine copies and purchased by myself.

Peter Sefton

Fine Furniture Making Series 1 (contains the following DVD's):
Timber Selection​
Timber Preparation​
Chisel and Plane Grinding​
Chisel and Plane Sharpening​
Selecting and Using Hand Planes​

Cost £70 + p&p
Fine Furniture Making Series 2 (contains the following DVD's):
Ultimate Bandsaw Set Up & Maintenance​
Advanced Bandsaw Techniques 1​
Advanced Bandsaw Techniques 2​
A-Z of Jointer Set Up & Maintenance​
A-Z of Thickness Planers Set Up & Maintenance​
Practical & Safe Jointer Techniques​
Thickness Planers: Practical Safe Techniques​
Cost £100 +p&p​

David Savage

Fine Furniture Maker, Learn the Professional way:
Through Dovetailing Straight from the Saw​
Scrapers and Scraper Planes​
Sharpening Woodworking Hand Tools​
How to use a Bench Plane (Double DVD)​
How to choose hand tools​
How to use a chisel​
French Polishing (Double DVD)​
How to make the piston fit drawer.​
Cost £100 + p&p​
Rod Cosman
Technique Series No 6
Hand-Cut Mortise and Tenon (Double DVD)​
Cost £25 + p&p​
Steve Maskery

Workshop Essentials
The Complete Table Saw Volumes 3, 7, 8, 9 & 10​
Cost £35 + p&p​

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