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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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Any thoughts as to what to do with this chair tenon? I have a couple of ideas but not sure.
Tenon is only 15mm long x 60mm. Can I face with veneer and re peg?


P.S. Have already murdered the woodworm


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Cut it off at the shoulder line, then make a new slip tenon that goes into the photographed piece and into the existing mortice. Reassemble with adhesive and perhaps replacement trunnels or drawbore dowels, whichever they are. Slainte.
Beaten to it but I’m glad an expert agrees!
That’s not good! But you already knew that haha, all I can think of is to remove the tenon and then cut back into the rail a couple of inches, this will allow a loose tenon to be glued in, and then pegged as previously.
There is a great deal of force exerted in chair joints.
I think I'd try to keep the intact bits of the tenon as it's a majority of the width. I'd sandwich the tenon with 2 bits of scrap clamped together, and then use a slightly oversize drill to drill through the tenon where the holes are and about 25mm into the endgrain, then glue in some dowels and plane or chisel the dowels flush with the rest of the tenon.
Doesn't look like a fine piece of furniture so I wouldn't do a fine job even if I could.
Smother it and the mortice with glue, clamp together and drill for 2 or 3 long screws go right through from back of chair leg into the solid wood in the rail. Screw on a mending bracket angle iron under, just in case.
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An alternative it cut away the tenon and rebate the back of the chair rail. New stock can then be lapped and glued in position and a fresh tenon cut, A sloping cut on the end of the stock , where it meets the end of the rebate ( as on a splice ) as well as sufficient length, will add to the strength of the joint.