talll guide bush for dewalt 18v trim routee needed


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4 Jul 2013
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i need a tall guide bush to fit my dewalt cordelss trim router DeWalt DCW604P2 18V
same as this kit

i tried to use the supplied guide bush on my trend 2 piece hinge jig

but due to the shallow guide bush nearly ruined it , it caught the plastic spacer and made a mess of this but luckly not the aliminium frame as the spacer is reversable

does any one know of a suitauble taller guide bush that fits the dewalt trim router
or any one else have this issue
cheers ghostrider

You might have to take some pictures of your set up to illustrate the problem you are having.

You say you want a taller bush but do not give any measurement of your existing one to give anyone who wishes to help you a baseline to aim for.

Trend sell this one, which projects 10mm, 4mm more than their other 16mm bush.


It is unclear to me how the cutter can touch the template if it is surrounded 360 degrees by a steel bush. The only way I can think of is that if the vertical edge of the template is somehow stepped, so that the part below the bottom of the bush projects more than the part the bush touches. If that is the case, it may not be a bush problem but a template (or manner in which the template has been set up) problem.

Where I am coming from is that Trend have sold many of these jigs, all with the same bush. If there was an inherent problem with it, they would have revised the design.

As Trend do sell two different length 16mm bushes, there is a very small possibility that the kit you have bought has the wrong item included with it, but the scant information you provide does not allow any determination of that possibility either way.

The bush that comes with the jig looks to be a standard Trend/Elu style router bush. The bush illustrated in pictures of the DeWalt router is the same style of bush, hence there should be no compatibility issues at the machine.

Is there one and only one possible way of mounting the bush in the router? Is there any way that the mounting plate is upside down such that the flange of the bush is not as low as it could be?

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