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1 Oct 2020
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Hi all, I was looking at the rutlands 18v router kit while it was on offer.®+r5121Has any one got any experience with it? Are the bases interchangeable with the makita trim router, are the batteries?
I currently have the 110v makita but a cordless would make life easier just wondering if this will do or if I should shell out the rest to get the makita let

Appreciate any advise or opinions
Many thanks
I've never used it but I'm pretty sure it's the same router etc as this which everyone seems to say is compatible with the Makita stuff including batteries.
It's not quite the same kit as it doesn't have the offset base but looks like that is available separately on the Aim site.

I keep almost pulling the trigger on this but am a tool snob and really want the Makita so would also be interested on peoples experience with either the cordless Rutlands or cordless Katsu.

I would probably go with the Katsu from Aim tools as I wouldn't put it past Rutlands version to be a copy of a copy if you know what I mean :rolleyes:
Aha sadly I do, and I'm the same, and just to make my decision harder rutlands just sent me a 20%off code making the kit £120 😬
First I need to admit I like makita. I have built a whole career out of using makita gear. I even have corded makita gear that I bought 2nd hand in 1987 while still an apprentice that is still going strong; in particular a 9 1/4” saw and a 1/4” router that have done hundreds of hours of work over 35+ years. Bosch, Dewalt and Festool gear may be as good but I can’t really testify to this too much except for my positive experiences with my Bosch buzzer and back-up sliding dropsaw, the larger Domino machine and a 7 or 8 year stint with 3 Dewalt battery drills I wouldn’t know. I do own the 18v makita palm router that Sam mentions above and it is a great tool. I got it mostly with roundovers and arrises in mind but I sometimes use it for heavier work that it really isn’t designed for and it can really take a thrashing.

But what I can say is that nearly every Rutlands branded item I have ever been stupid enough to buy - and in particular electrical gear - has been only of very crappy home-handyman standard and has not survived long at all. I also find that the product reviews on their website are often unhelpfully written by enthusiastic new users who are pleased to have a new tool and haven’t really given it much work yet. These days I am very wary of this company.
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Rutlands are just rebadging goods from bangood/ aliexpress etc. Their reviews are probably written by themselves seeing so many complaints about their power tools. Simple products like feather boards and mitre gauges do work but then you can get them cheaper from China and regret your purchases later once you understand what you've missed from the quality and how little money it saved you.
Decent tools are an investment, cheap ones can be just a pain.

Stick with your gut feeling, Makita or Bosch are large companies and there tools used by a lot of people, personally I still stick with 110 volt corded because then they will always work providing you have somewhere to plug them in and don't end up with a decent tool that needs a new expensive battery to get it going.
Cheers for the heads up, only ever bought clamps from rutlands when the offers made them cheaper than the cheapest on ebay, they have faired okay but likewise I have built a career off the back of makita tools (bar the exception of the dewalt drop saw, site saw and the trusty fes domino) with only a couple of dead drills over the past 15yrs. My 110v makita trim router has been a workhorse on site just fancied a cordless for hinges etc.
Think I will take your advise and grab another makita, the idea of cheap bases I could use on both nearly suckered me in