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Adam Hodges

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29 Nov 2019
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I bought an Axminster at254sb a few years ago and got some great results from it. Recently however it’s been refusing to cut square and it’s been sending me mad. My incra mitre sled wouldn’t cut square and my crosscut sled would not cut square no matter how many times I tried adjusting it.
I also have been getting awful saw marks on any wood I try to rip.
I finally decided to have a deeper dive into the issues and found the v belt is super worn so that needs replacing. I also tried to measure the run out of the arbor and am getting a rather large amount of error. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas of what I should be doing or looking for while I’m going through the saw?
Pic of the belt also!


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We have got a few pieces of Axminster equipment in the shop. Whenever we have had any “technical” issues, I’ve had very good response from the Axminster Technical team. If it were me, I would certainly contact them.
Adam, by the arbor I assume you mean the saw spindle? If so where on the spindle are you doing the check? where the blade fits ? what are you using and whats the runout -- dial gauge etc?
First thought of runout cause would be defective bearings ?
Replace that belt and fit a new quality blade and that could make all the difference. The belt is obviously beyond further use and always do the obvious before digging deeper and trying to find faults that may not exist.
Thanks for the replies, I’m waiting on a call back from Axminster as the manual I have has no information on belt changes. As for runout measurement I am using a dial indicator with this set up. Although seeing the state of the belt I’m hoping that is the issue I am having. Does anyone know an approximate life of the bearings? I would prefer not to have to replace those also


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Also I am leaning towards hoping what you say spectric. As the belt is obviously past it’s best. Can’t believe it took me this long to look into
Managed to get ahold of Axminster and have a new belt on the way. Also measured any play in the arbor and am
Getting 0.003mm which I presume is well within tolerance. Fingers crossed all will be good with a new belt!
You should measure runout without the belt off, and whilst it’s off check for laterally movement in and out.
I would strongly suspect the bearings need replacing, worn / damaged belts create vibration that causes them to fail quickly. Equally I suspect the bearings will not be designed for continuous use and therefore have only a very limited hours of life expectancy. SKF have a bearing life calculator that you can use to see what the design life is……I went through this on a thread about rebuilding a SCM bandsaw.
There is no lateral movement so that is good, I’ll remeasure when I get a new belt on it. Do you know how difficult it is to replace the bearings on the spindle?
Doesn’t look difficult, a schematic of the assembly is within the manual. It has a couple of 802030 bearings.


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