Surface rust or too far gone?

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16 Oct 2022
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Looking to buy a used bandsaw, this is very local to me and not a bad price.

Im not very clued up in regards to these things but how easy does this look like it will clean up? Appreciate that pics can’t rally help much but it’s all I have.

Many thanks.


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Earlier year I bought a band saw in very similar condition. I tried sandpaper on an orbital and WD40, it did a decent enough job but it took a while and I was paranoid about being too rough and messing with the flatness.

Then I bought a table saw that also had a very corroded top with some nasty looking water damage. This time I used a maroon coloured 3m abrasive pad on an orbital sander with WD40. With in minutes it was looking almost new, I was surprised at how well they worked compared with sand paper.

Both times, after I removed the corrosion I wiped it down with isopropyl alcohol and gave it a coat of machine wax. I will say though I used my beaten up sander, I wouldn’t use a nice one for such a task. You can buy the pads on EBay and Amazon if you decide to go that route. I’d love to see your before and after.
I used 40 grit alox on mine purely to smooth out bad casting marks, it's perfectly ok. It seems harsh but it works perfectly well and you're not stuck doing the job for ages. Don't be afraid of using coarse abrasive so long as it's over an area - mine was on a half sheet sander.
Appreciate all the great advice, picking it up Friday so hopefully have a go with some suggestions over the weekend and report back in this thread.
Jenolite rust remover. Follow the instructions. Personally I would not use grinder with abrasive pads. Doesn't look too bad the top, for me a hand wire brush, jenolite with fine wire wool.
For light corrosion the pan scourers that look like a ball of stainless swarf are very good, used with WD 40 or diesel.
Or just white spirit, a block of wood and some oily rags. Just a few minutes work.
A bit of pitting doesn't matter as long as there is a lot more un-pitted surface area still intact.
Picked it up. Will update the thread with pics once it’s cleaned. Building the workshop this weekend will probably tackle it in 2 weeks and share updates.