Stupid idea? Perforated sheet for table insert

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21 Aug 2017
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I need to cut a new zero-clearance insert.
I thought I might use aluminium sheet (the recess is 3mm).
Then I thought I might use the perforated stuff with a view to improving the dust extraction.
Will it flex too much? Is it a daft idea for other reasons?
Or am I a previously undiscovered genius that has moved on from alchemy and eternal life to tackle the truly big challenges of the universe?

Oh. OK. Flex. Snags. Rough edges. Poor support. Misaligned screw holes. And then there might also be some problems...
Someone posted a video here of someone making a zero-clearance throat plate that was perforated to improve dust collection. I'm not really sure how much it would actually improve dust collection though, possibly it would at the very end of the cut but not so much for the other 99% of it.

It may work, it may not. I can't see any massively obvious reason why you couldn't do it if it's supported well enough when it's fixed in place. May be best to use a dullish blade to plunge through the plate, not that aluminium will damage a sharp blade but because of at the apex of the blade there will be quite a lot of blade plunged into the plate and a dull one won't try to snag it as hard as a sharp one will.
I perforated my ZCI (made of acrylic), It seems to help a little bit getting the dust around that area but it's not life changing.