stuck drill bit [FAQ?]

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30 May 2018
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Sorry if this is an FAQ. I'm drilling pilot holes in oak handrail with a 3mm bit. The bit is one set in a hex drive [to be quick change]. That is, until it stuck in the mopstick, and the actual drill bit came out of the hex drive part.
I've tried tightening the chuck of my DEWalt on it and reversing it out, nope! (The chuck just slips around on it.)
I'v also tried clamping a mole wrench on it and pulling [and wriggling] as hard as i can but it slips off.
time to apply some science... does heating it up do the trick? As the oak burns does it shrink away or attach itself more firmly??
I know that in desperation i can saw it off, but i want to use that hole for a screw - if i can.
One of my egg-beater type hand drills has very crisp ends to the jaws in the chuck. The comparable detail on my battery driven drills is much more rounded over. It can therefore grip onto a very short exposed length of drill bit better than those newer drills. Maybe search through the backs of your workshop drawers and see if you've got something similar kicking around.

Without knowing anything of the location of your problem, might it be possible to carefully drill a large diameter hole in from the other side of the timber, then drive the stuck bit through with a punch? You could clear the bottom of the hole around the end of the bit with a chisel to expose it.
I would heat it up, it has worked for me in the past.

MusicMan":8v7chmlu said:
squirt a good penetrant in (Ballistol is the best and will not mess up the wood) and try again with the DeWalt after 24 hours.
-- I don't have any of that, so i'll look out for it. But i can't afford to risk staining the wood with Plusgas, etc., unfortunately. (nor is time on my side)
MikeG - there's plenty of bit to grip, but thanks.
Pete -- good, thanks, worth a try, methinks.
Phil -- also worth a go, particularly if heat isn;t enough, thanks.
Thanks, all.
Yay! success! Maybe 3 mins heating with a blowtorch (felt longer), minimal change to the colour of the bit and no sign of burning of the wood, and it came free. The wood 2-3 mm away did feel hot, though.