Stanley Socket Chisels

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11 Feb 2011
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Amongst your collection of books, catalogues etc, does anybody have any info on stanley socket chisels?

I am collecting a range marked "Stanley D Made in USA". Online info is sketchy at best, with some sources claiming them to be Defiance (and not much good- although even that is in debate), and others claiming them to be Defective 750's. They seem to date from 1930-1969, which probably doesnt help because that is just the dates of the 750s. From my limited experience, they seem to hold an edge well, although I havent used them extensively. They do not seem to be common over here- I have bought a pair (1/2" and (3/4") and a single (1/4") on ebay, and I missed another single (IIRC). They are the only ones that I have seen in 6 months on eBay in the UK- I suspect that the larger sizes I will have to get from the USA, although I am in no rush.

I would be interested to know if you have any info about:

1. what they are?
2. What sizes were manufactured in?