Stanley no50 thread type?

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That would work

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29 Dec 2018
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Morning all,
My Stanley 50 is missing a couple of parts, the threaded rod and wingnut (part M) that goes through the main body and the sliding section to secure the cutter.
Currently I use the large knurled screw (part J) but this is too short for cutters over about half an inch. The threads are 1/4 inch and look like UNF? Does anyone know if that is the case?


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I'd expect a UNF thread if it's made in America............... though having checked my (British-made) Stanley 50s from the 1950s / 60s have what is close to a unified thread on that wing-nut, though being British from the pre-metric age, it could be BSF. I have just counted 27 TPI, so allowing for my eyesight ........... ( that could be 1/4 BSF, which should be 26 TPI).

There may have been some local variation during the manufacturing life of this plane, depending where it was made. If I recall,I'm not sure that the pitch on UNF is exactly the same as BSF...... slight variation.

Ideally a 1/4" die of each size run onto the bolt would determine which is which.
Sorry can't be more precise - Hope this helps.
Good luck finding some. Perhaps a metal-working member can run something up......?
Thanks for that. Mine is a made in England. So yes I guess BSF would make sense. Ill have a look around online to see if I can find a bolt and wingnut if possible.
I don't have a Stanley 50 but I do have a Record 050.
I know that, some of the time, on some planes, Record copied the Stanley models, right down to the choice of threads.

I've measured the threaded rod on mine. It's definitely 1/4" and 26tpi which my thread tables say is BSF.

So that might well be what you want.

Incidentally, the 050 has similar but different threads on the screws that lock onto the rods and different ones again on the thread adjuster.