Spindle Moulder - Elektra Beckum TF904


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25 Sep 2011
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I'm looking to get a spindle moulder to add to my home workshop. The main driver is I want to make quite a few windows and the odd door. I could struggle on without, using the table saw and router table, but I think I'll get much better results (and more importantly, have a much more enjoyable time making them) using a spindle.

I've found an Elektra Beckum TF904 for sale second hand local to a family member and I wondered if anyone has experience or knowledge of the machine? It looks to be a decent spec hobby workshop sized tool, comes with a sliding tenoning carriage and a tilting spindle. Both these features are important to me to make the most flexible use of the tool. I do like the look of a Sedgwick SM4 but the fixed spindle is putting me off, because the idea of using a straight block to form sills etc is much more appealing than buying dedicated tooling every time I come to a different job. Capacity looks reasonable - I think it's a 2.8kW motor and is claimed to handle 200mm diameter tooling.

I have also been looking at the various clones of the Axminster AT200SM (used to be known as the WS1000TA) which looks like an ideal machine for me but with capabilities not that different to the TF904 and being new it's 4 times the price. I would dearly love to change my saw in for a Hammer B3 saw/spindle but as a hobbyist that is an indulgence too far at the moment even for me :)

If anyone has any advice on the machine or other points of advice on what machines to look at then I'd be grateful. There seems to be pretty limited choice - there are a few machines too much on the hobbyist end to be up to the job in my view and then plenty of industrial half ton behemoths, but not much in between that would fit in a well equipped but not enormous hobbyist's shop. Oh and whilst I appreciate the sentiment, I am after advice on machines here rather than training or technique!
@siggy_7, I realize your thread is just over two years old, but what did you decide on the spindle moulder?
Hi @MikeK & @siggy_7 - just to add to the thread for anyone else who reads - TF904 were pretty much bullet proof when I sold them late 90's - hardly any issues. Same as it's smaller TF100 counterpart - a cracking little machine too.

Cheers, Nick
(ex - Elektra Beckum a long time ago)