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El Barto

20 Nov 2016
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North Hampshire
Selling these as neither is getting any use. BLOCK PLANE NOW SOLD.

The block plane has not had much use. I've had it about a year and can't remember the last time I used it. Comes with 2 x 25º and 1 x 50º iron (never used). Has some very light marks to the sole from use. Asking £55. It's actually a really nice plane, I'm a huge fan of Quangsheng steel but I'd rather it was being used!

I've barely used the Dremel - I got it for a motorbike restoration but then realised that was stupid because an angle grinder was better. So again, has had very light use but is dusty. It comes with a small box of bits and some sort of detail attachment that I never used. I actually don't know what it's worth - on Amazon is goes for £42 but that's without the accessories so... I dunno what to ask. £35?

Post or collection is fine, or if you're in Hampshire I could possibly deliver.