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Sold Router Boss SOLD


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20 Aug 2008
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This is a complete Router Boss outfit, comprising the largest version (the 470D) complete with digital measurement for the x and z dimensions (you can set the y dimension to repeatedly better than 0.1mm using stop blocks), the DeWalt router, and every accessory in the Router Boss range.

Watch what this machine can do here,


The new price (US $) is as follows,

Router Boss 470D $1029
De Walt 625 (240v) $315
Plunge Assist $45
Collet Extender $17
Accessory Package $375 (Mortice Table, Riser Plates, Featherboard, T Track Clamp, Stop)
Micro Adjuster $35
Flip Stop $22
Multi Angle Table $210
4th Axis Unit $389
TOTAL $2437

In addition there's a vast number of spares that will keep this machine operational for many years to come. And if you bought this from Router Boss in the US (there's no UK distributor) you'd have Tax, Duty, and shipping to add on top, in total it would be over $3000. This outfit is either lightly used or completely unused.

The price is £1200, but it's collect only from Lymington in Hampshire (mid way between Southampton and Bournemouth). Bring the family for a day out in the New Forest and pick this up at the same time!

Thanks for looking.




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hi custard are you stopping making or just slimming down(I'm very attached to my mft for certain types of work)
I always feel a much beefier router would make the mft a more useful thing. maybe like the mafell lock mortiser or something. those slot mortisers were quite effective when I've used them attached to planers.
This is based on the Woodrat but with a much improved horizontal table, if you have not used one then they are a great allround machine that I would miss.
I haven't brought any new tools for many years mainly because I feel I can't justify the spending! the mft has repaid me many times over mainly because I have my method down pat. I have used it for more strange things like dowels or really deep straight holes. the router boss looks good if you can put the time in to learn its foibles. all those bits in my messy workshop is a recipe for disaster!
Will do, although it'll be much later in the year as I'm currently doing a lot of reno work on the house and garden and got to finish that before I can set up the Boss and get working with it.