Small light "portable" dust/wood chip extractor

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What do folks know about attachments for drills to collect wood chips and dust. I be drilling with spade and Forstner bits so was wondering if anyone has experience with collectors like this one. Will this catch/suck all of it?

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I want one of these on my drill anything I am drilling a door frame, so to cut down on hoovering up time. The problem is, they work by getting sucked to the flat surface you are drilling. A door frame usually has, a 12mm door stop piece of wood in the middle of the frame, meaning at least a 3rd of this device will always be hitting the door stop and breaking the seal.

Anyway, what gasket "thingys" does anyone know of, (or can think of anything else) that I could attach to this so that it will mould/form around uneven surfaces, so that I can just press it against a frame quickly each time.

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