Small anvil, now what?

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2 Jan 2023
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I’ve been gifted a small 11kg anvil, but have no idea where to start with metalworking in general.

Any tips for how to get started, what kind of projects are sensible and easy for beginners etc?

Thanks in advance.
Although said in jest, you might have to give a bit more information.

You could start with (and learn a lot from) coat hanger wire. 6mm round and square bar would be easy to form. If you have a shed full of 2" square bar, you would need very different facilities and tools to small stuff.

If you did not have too much in the way of heating gear, it might be good to start with lead and then onto coppersmithing. You will learn a lot about how to move metal around. A propane blowtorch would do to anneal the copper periodically.

A good first project might be a hasp and staple or a rustic door hook.

There are lots or artisan maker blacksmiths on Etsy, so looking at their work might make you say 'I'd like to make one of those'. There are a good few old blacksmithing books on the Internet Archive which could also inspire something.
Shouldnt you start with a poker, thats what everyone seemed to make at school about 60yrs ago?,,,,mind you we had fires to poke then,,give a kid a poker now and he might brain somone with it! However, based on this ancient and limited knowledge I would more seriously say, I think you wont get very far without a simple forge to heat the metal up.
Have not read the whole thread, but use a bit of cut off RSJ obtained from my local steel stockholders.

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