So many interests, so little time.

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15 Feb 2024
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Nottingham, UK
Hey all,

I think I was a member of this forum a few years back, but it had no record of me when I went to log-in recently :unsure: Anyway, back with a bang I hope.

As the headline suggests, I've many, many interests but seem to struggle to stay focused on one particular one. One minute I'm pursuing an interest in woodworking, then out of the blue I'll do a welding course and now I'm metalworking.

My latest project was to build a CO2 laser in my garage, and that I'm pleased to say that was one project that I managed to not get side-tracked from. It's a 100W 900X660 Cutting area. If anyone wants any tips or advice on how to go about making one, then please feel free to drop me a line... I'd actually started out planning on building a CNC... but that's another story, for another day.

Onward and upward.

So many interests, take up so much space, leave so little room to actually do any of them ...
Tell me about it :)

Welcome. When you share your stories, some of us may feel better about our own foibles 🙃
Hello and welcome- I too get side tracked by other projects and interests - gardening fishing a little metal work and many building related stuff. So making space for all the tools and equipment is a major challenge. But it’s all good stuff and good to hear others are the same .
Welcome (back) to the asylum 🤪
I too ha e many hobbies and interests that I move between, I'm yet to find a way to amalgamate them all into one. My latest is discovering a love of rock and metal music having recently been to my first ever gig (I'm 42 this year 🥴)