Sikkens failure

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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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United kingdom
I used Sikkens HLS over coated with two coats of Cetol 7 plus on two benches last year, one went on ok but has failed a year later. The second one is ok, but took a good two months to dry properly.

Not sure what to do about the first where water has now got in, both were oak.

Any thoughts? I am a bit dissapointed, especially as I would normally use Osmo but was led to believe Sikkens is better.
A thought or 2
Just looked at their website (Dulux) and it looks as if you've done what they suggest
Is the oak (old wood/bench?) very open grain and the product didn't get a good soak into the grain? End grain really soaked?
Was it pretty dry when applied? If not is it possible that wood movement has opened cracks in the finish and water has got in/under the finish?
Drop an email to Sikkens/Dulux and ask them for an opinion perhaps attaching a few photo's. Ive never used Sikkens and maybe I wont seeing this
good luck