Sharpening with old Record

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Stuart Moffat

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3 Apr 2019
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St. Neots
I know sharpening in a title will get some hearts beating faster!
I have a old Record rsbg6 which lives in an old shed and gets used mainly for rough stuff on gardening tools. It’s never used for woodtools, but it’s invaluable in that role as it spares the kit in the wood shop. record still sell new rsbg6 grinders, but the bore size is different to of old. My grey narrow wheel has los enough radius over 25 or so years I want to replace it. Every supplier in the uk I ve looked at either doesn’t list it or says out of stock. Anyone any ideas for a supplier?
Are you able to identify the bore size you need?
I have bought a grey stone in the past that had a sleeve (known as a bore reducing bush) so it will fit a smaller grinder shaft or leave the sleeve off and it will fit the larger size
There are loads of inexpensive 6inch grinding wheels around on ebay or just google 6" grinding wheel the key is the bore size
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