Sealey SM 13903 bandsaw?

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19 Mar 2007
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I am wandering if anyone has one of these saws and if so then what is the verdict on it?

One was bought for the Mens Shed I have got involved with by one of the members and it's been my job to 'try' to set it up. So far I just can't get it to cut a straight line and the blade is NOT well brazed at all and the if the guides are set right it just stalls at the braze. So I cut down an old ¼" 6 skip from my Startrite 301s and brazed it correctly and it still will not cut straight!.

It's going to be used by folks who have probably never used a bandsaw befor, so what it the verdict please. This is the manual for it
Edit : - Excuse my fat fingers, the saw is an SM 1303 and the 9 sneaked in there somehow?
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Not the best saw I think you'll find I have two 10" saws neither are great!

Save up for a 301!!
James, I can only agree with tyou, but they don't make the 301 anymore and it would be far too many beer tokens as well if they did.

This one isn't what used to be called cheap and cheerful, it's just cheap me-thinks. Just as well it was got via some Amazonian place, because I think the kindest thing would be to send it back from whence it came?