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20 Sep 2011
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Can I use my scroll saw to cut thin brass, ally, copper ect. and if so what type blade should I use?

Yes you can. You need very fine blades (3 teeth always in contact, so if the brass is thin you'll need VERY fine blades). Amongst other manufacturers, Pegas make a very good blades range for metal cutting (Axminster Tools are the UK dealer). I'll post this now and then pop back shortly to find my earlier post a link where I already linked to a set of tables showing all Pegas blades.

Depends on how much metal you're going to cut. I've cut thin Brass sheet with ordinary non reverse wood blades because I had loads of them and didn't have a lot of Brass to cut. The wood blades did wear out quicker though.
Ah, interesting loftyhermes, thanks.

I can imagine that wood cutting blades would wear out quickly on brass (even "half-hard" brass). But very fine wood cutting blades may be a good tip for cutting thin ali (which because of it's low melting point is always a problem with whatever tools you cut it with - except perhaps snips, which can easily distort the sheet) and perhaps good for copper too. Dunno, as I've never tried myself, and always used metal-cutting blades, which unless you buy "millions", are cheap enough IMO.

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