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Scratch Stock


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24 Jul 2003
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14860, France
OK so I succumbed to temptation & the T3 has been ordered. But just 40 mins in the workshop last night has be sold me on the idea of using a scratch stock or at least trying too.

Holding a cutter blank from the beading tool in the tool itself I was able to, almost, produce a square cutter (approx 3mm wide) by resting the tool on the rest of my bench grinder and slowly touching it to the side of the wheel.

I then flattened the burrs on an eze-lap stone and straight away was able to produce an, almost, square sided groove both with and across the grain in some oak scrap.

I say "almost" as undetected by me on first inspection one edge was not perfectly sqaure which left a slight rounding on one side of the groove. I had no time to correct this last night but this does prompt me to ask -

What is the best way to form a straight edged cutter for a scratch stock?