Axminster Planer Thicknesser Issue

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Which given the vagaries of hand-feeding wood over a planer and the ongoing 'live' nature of wood itself, I wouldn't think to be significant ...
Probably not a concern on the wood itself, but it is a concern on the machine. You'd be surprised how annoying these things are when gluing up number of boards into a big panel, with each board slighlty out. It all stacks up, and manifests itself into a big issue. Outside of that, I wouldn't be fussed. But as you know, gluing up boards can be part of every project, so if I could spare myself from the pain, I would.
As I had mentioned in my previous posts that my machine stopped working the other day.

I checked the microswitch on the outside, and the nvr switch, checked absolutely everything. Then called axminster support, the guy there was very helpful in telling me where the other switch was, then checked that. Still it wouldn't turn on.

Finally yesterday I checked the 13A fuse and there was the problem. I swapped the fuse with that of my table saw, as I didn't have any spare and it worked! It took me two days to find it. If I had a multimeter I'd have found it earlier!
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