Rust Remover--Hand Saws

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18 Jun 2020
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I have some small handsaws--rusty--tenon size saws. All with wooden handles. I am about to try soaking them in a mixture of white vinegar and baking powder to hopefully remove the rust.

My questions are:
a) Do I remove the wooden handles where possible to avoid ruining the wood in the soak? One saw the handle can be removed--screws. The others the metal saw is fixed into the wooden handles.

b) The one's where the handles are fixed I would sand and refinish with--- ??? What would be the coating to use to refinish?
I will re-read @deema link later but I've just finished restoring a tenon saw. My biggest mess up was to not free up the screw heads. Over time they get bedded into the wood of the handle. When you then push them out it spews out the face of the handle. I'm sure it can be avoided but be careful or leave the handle in place.

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