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8 May 2013
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I have an old Trend T9 Router about 18 years old and used underneath a router table for that time.
It's been used regularly in that time period.
I've decided to upgrade and give this T9 to my nephew to use.
I'm thinking of sending it to be serviced and checked over for any potential issues and have new brushes fitted.
my question is

Should I just remove the top part of the router casing and give it a blow out and change the brushes myself or go the whole hob and have a Trend repair agent look at it before passing it on for safety reasons?
I see no reason to send it away other than the simple fact you are giving to a family member - not any difference to selling it on here to a member . It’s down to your own consciousness if something went wrong and he got hurt . But it’s unlikely as it’s been in regular use . I can imagine the cost of that trend service won’t be small so is it worth it ?? . I personally would give it as good a clean as possible and change the brushes while your there ..
If you trust your nephew with a rapidly revolving sharp tool, and it sounds like for handheld use, don't you trust him to be able to diagnose any faults he may encounter during use? Maybe not as far as a fix, but surely to the point of "It's not supposed to be smoking, best unplug it."
I was thinking more to the point would be to look at the motor for wear, bearings etc given its age.I
I'm not questioning his ability
I suspect if the motor had gone it would be beyond economical repair. I wouldn't bother with new brushes unless they are clearly end of life. Compressed air through the case, yes it would help with any sawdust but if it hasn't caused you any issues personally I wouldn't bother with that if it means more than ten minutes disassembly.

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