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Romantic Reminiscence


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13 Jun 2012
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Having recently used some Elm Burr, which I bought back in the 60's. Whilst using it, I got to thinking about the dingy little veneer outlet in Shoreditch with the name Mark Rose on the fascia, I was served by the short-sighted Mrs. Rose, a jewess, sporting a pair of spectacles with ginger beer bottle lens. I cant remember what I paid, but it must have been peanuts compared with today prices.
I am pleased to say the project looks superb, mainly due to the magnificent grain. I wonder how many London woodworkers can recall this shop, which was in close proximity to the then Curtain Road premises of Crispin's. Those that do woodwork as a hobby have time to think about these things and have a respect for their materials, such as some mahogany which was removed from my cousin's staircase in Chiswick a piece of which was used on the spindle of a reproduction sofa table I made some years ago, that makes that table 'unique' and perhaps some of you out there have feelings similar to those of mine.

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