Rip blade to fit Bosch GKT 55?

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12 Jan 2022
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Hi all,

Imagine someone must have been through the same journey as me with this so going to ask.

Have a Bosch GKT 55 plunge saw. I want to source a decent rip blade for solid wood for the machine.

Now Bosch make a variety of blades but from what I'm reading the blade thickness that will actually lock into the bore has to be 1.3mm, otherwise it will spin, so I can't just throw any 165mm blade with a 20mm bore onto it, unfortunately.

Now if I go through their website and select the blade I want that is recommended for ripping, the only size I can get that will fit the GKT 55 is 140mm (25mm smaller than the actual capacity of the machine), this of course I don't want.

So my question is what have people gone with for a ripping blade for the GKT 55, surely someone else has run into this same dilemma. No desire to order things that I'll have to return.

Thought and experiences??


...I'm reading the blade thickness that will actually lock into the bore has to be 1.3mm, otherwise it will spin

That does not make sense as stated.

It would make sense if it said the MINIMUM blade thickness (plate thickness) is 1.3mm otherwise it will spin.

Measure one of your existing blades.

Add some paper washers and see how thick the blade could be before the clamping mechanism reaches its limit.
I would imagine 1.3mm plate thickness is a minimum due to the machining of the arbor.
As the Bosch plunge saw is related to the Mafell, there's a good chance mafell blades will fit. I think those are 1.3mm plate / 1.8mm kerf.
Blades with a thicker blade should work too, but these will have a different kerf and will snip a fraction of a mm off the rubber strip down your track. When I swapped festool to mafell, I kept all my festool special blades as they'll fit the new saw quite happily. Rip, metal and plastic, etc.
Festool blades are thicker and of very good quality so I didn't want to rebuy all the specials.
I have the same saw and use this 24 tooth TCT Freud blade for ripping solid wood. The kerf thickness is 1.7mm. But the teeth are thicker than the blade (not sure exactly what the blade thickness is). Anyway it works really well, no issues installing or locking it and very happy with the durability of the blade and the quality of the cut. I use the same line of Freud blades for cross-cutting; there is an equivalent blade with 40 or 48 teeth for that purpose. Hope that helps.

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