Makita 2708 struggling to find blades

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5 Nov 2023
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Hi all, I’m a newbie and seeking help please. I recently bought a 240v Makita 2708 - it is immaculate unused condition. It has the originally factory fitted blade which is 203mm dia with a kerf of 1.2mm and 25mm ID. The actual shaft dia is 15mm and it comes with a reversible adaptor for either 25mm or 25.4 mm ID blades.

Trouble is I am struggling to find a saw blade between 185mm and 203mm with a 25mm or 25.4 mm ID.

I‘ve searched several supplier sites but no luck.

There is about 9mm clearance between the edge of the original blade teeth and the blade slot so I’m wondering if I could get away with 210mm blade leaving about 5.5mm clearance between blade and slot?

Oddly enough, every google search of the 2708 says it uses a 8.1/4 blade which is just shy of 210mm.
If anyone can help point me towards a supplier or have some advice re using 210mm blade I’d be very grateful.
Hello and welcome- I’m not sure if this will help or if you have already seen it , seams to be a frequently asked / searched topic .

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27 Aug 2007 — Makita lists the 2708 as an 8-1/4" saw in the owner's manual found here:
Hi Bingy man, and thanks for the response. I had seen that site and it made me think using a 210mm blade would be ok. After submitted my post I continued my internet search and came across a Makita 2708 tech data sheet that stated the machine blade size is 203mm but also stated that the machine was fitted with a 210mm blade ‘for export’. So I’ve probably answered my own question! Thanks again.