Record TS200C Table Saw - Set up and Review - Long+Pictures

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No worries Martin. I've been thinking about getting an incra one but not sure if it would work too well with the sliding carrige. I'll have a think about it
In my experience with the TS200C I never found Zero Clearance around the saw blade to be an issue (I assume that's what you mean by ZC).

The only time it was a problem was when shaving very narrow pieces off of the work, when the waste would disappear down the side of the blade, but there is an access plate in the side of the saw held on with 4 screws so you can easily retrieve them (I left this plate off to make access even easier).

Regards - Martin.
Just wanted to say thank you for your post a few years ago.
I am restoring a eBay purchase Record Power TS200C using your review notes and recommendations as a guide.
The saw is in reasonable shape but several parts were missing or broken and I am buying replacement parts from RP.
I hope to make it look and work like a new saw and am very impressed with the build quality so far as I disassemble & reassemble.
The stand was built incorrectly and was out of alignment but I have now rebuilt it and it looks like new.
I am just working on the riving knife issue you raise and will report back.
I hope you are still enjoying and using the saw?
Thanks again
Hi Derek,
Thanks for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the review.
I have subsequently sold the Record as I am now more into hand tool woodworking, I find this more enjoyable (and much quieter and safer).

Good luck with your new toy, I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from using it, as I did.

Regards - Martin.

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