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28 Jul 2019
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Hello Newbie here to the forum. Look forward to interacting with you all. Need to buy a single phase bandsaw with a large capacityand am looking at the RP Sabre 450. I have read the rtopics here on the 350 but haven't seen any comment on the 450. Does anyone here have any experience of this machine? Otherwise open to alternative suggestions if you have any. Many thanks Ant
I’ve got one, what do you want to know? I’m pretty happy with it once “tuned”. The fence is basic, but solid & works OK. Buy some Tuff Saws blades! I had a much smaller Axminster before, so don’t have a lot to compare it to.
Thank you for your response. On paper it seems to spec well against similar priced bandsaws. I really wanted to know whether the newer sabre guides worked well and the saw stayed true when ripping and didn't wander. I was recommended to buy a BS400 by someone and when looking understood this to be the replacement and wondered if it was whether it was worth the extra money. I want to rip some teak boards 280mm high so would likely be pushing it to the limit and would like to know if you thought it would cope. I note your recommendations for Tuff saw blades and checked them out on the web yesterday. It seems everyone recommends them.
Have a word with Ian at Tuffsaws, he will recommend the correct blade for doing that.
Well I’ve got a 3/4 inch fastcut blade on at the moment and resawed an oak plank at least that size the other day (I really needed a section of 1/2 inch and all I had was kiln dried 1 inch rough sawn (about 32mm sawn). It worked fine and after planing I ended up with around 12mm dead flat on about 750mm length. Of course the next day it had cupped like a beggar, but that’s resawing for you. Obviously (not trying to teach you to suck eggs) I’d planed one face first and made a square edge.

So, I don’t know the technicalities of bandsaws very well, but I’ve used it a lot and it cuts straight and never seems to struggle.

BTW my little bandsaw buddy from Axminster made setup easier for me, but like I said, I’m no bandsaw guru, that’s probably laughable to some of the experts on here!
Great! Thanks for your answer, very helpful. I assume this has the same guides as the 350. Perhaps other members of the forum can comment on the guides. I have never used this saw and the guides were supposed to be an improvement on the old system.
Hello lads. Just read this as I am considering a purchase.
Gog64. Can you advise if you think this 450 is a good resaw bandsaw for the price. I have a smaller old Inca, but need a bigger saw for resaw. So my main consideration is power and a good set of guides. The guides dont look great?
I nearly bought a used Hammer, but missed the chance. Alternatives Laguna 14-12 or 14-bx. Or Jet 15" saw. Did you consider any of these models?
Thanks Dave
I have the earlier BS400 and once I had fitted a decent blade it performs well and am happy with it, so the later version with better fence and guides should be great. I would suggest that you actually get up close and personel with one rather than just taking the plunge with an online purchase. I do realise Tiverton is probably some way from your nearest dealer, St Austell rings bells for some reason but for Charnwood I think.
Otherwise open to alternative suggestions if you have any. Many thanks Ant

Without knowing much other than you want to go resawing, there are plenty of things that might help narrow down your choices...
Can you clarify?
i.e ...
Guessing the single phase motor on that machine needs a 16a receptacle, (blue commando plug) as starting a single phase motor can take some beans, and would eat 13a fuses.
Guessing you have 16a setup in the workshop.

Have you got much headroom in the workshop...if a low height celing, have you space to tilt it upright anywhere.

150kg suggests it's a bit light for resawing with a decent blade.
I would look around for second hand stuff to have a better comparison.

Is there any three phase machine with a dual voltage motor going cheap?
(220v/240v household voltage should be stamped into the motor nameplate)
I run a 2.2kw 24" Italian saw using a VFD/inverter
My saw cost 500 Euro's, and the VFD was another hundred.
I don't have to worry about blowing fuses on the 13a plug.

I don't really need anything but a single thrust guide on this machine,
if you have a stout blade and it's properly tensioned (the Achilles heel on bandsaws)
then that blade will have enough "beam strength" for one not to have to rely on noisy guides.
The more beam tension, the quieter the saw will run.
Guides aren't as important on a larger machine, and wouldn't be a deal breaker for me on a resaw machine,
although if you want to get carried away, then some of the better built saws
will have interchangeable guides like gl456 guides on Italian machines
or Wadkin for example, (the same mounting shaft)

Beware of highly edited videos of any machine, look for an honest review with someone resawing, start to finish, not edited like on 99% of videos.
No editing should be needed if it's a a decent machine, and it should make for good watching.

All the best
I own the Sabre 350

The Record salesman (at Yandles) told me the 450 is designed for the turning community and the 350 is for general woodworking community.

Thought I'd share 🤫