Record CL spindle bearing kit, non fitting belt

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10 Mar 2021
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I recently bought a replacement spindle and bearing kit which Records tech guy assured me would fit my Blue Coronet2 only to discover that the supplied belt has one more rib than will fit my pulley. It has been suggested elsewhere to trim it to fit. However I would like my lathe to run as smooth as possible and don't want to dissemble the spindle again before the belt wears out.

Anyone know the exact spec of the belt so I can order it up from a belt distributor? So far I have found it is J section polly v belt with 4 ribs, I am lead to beleave that the sizing is somewhat archaic so measuring the outside circumference will not correspond with belt sizes listed. Unfortunatly most of the manufactures marks have worn off the belt so its guess work for me.
4 rib belt for the Record CL1 lathe is ZBO
5 rib belt for CL2/3/4 is ZJJ
Unfortunately the manuals don't give the dimensions
Hi Robbo, my Record Coronet 2 has a 4 ribbed belt. It is possible that this has been modified or later models had 5 ribbed pulleys / belts.

However I did find a pdf manual for my lathe where the owner had written the code number for the hopefully correct specification. See below.

I hope this helps some other Coronet 2 users.



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