Record CL 1 main spindle and bearings

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22 Jun 2020
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Hi all,
I hope someone can help me, I'd really appriciate it.
I have the Record CL 1 36 x 15 lathe (The blue one before Record Power green ones) and require a new main spindle as the thread is very damaged (3/4 x 16), and also a 4 prong centre is wedged in.
Does anyone know where I could possible purchase one? I'm OK wit barings and a new belt as they seem readily available from a lot of places. The lathe seems very solid, so really want to keep it.
I've removed the spindle and bearings, which was straight forward enough. Now to hopefully find a replacement spindle.

Many thanks,

Unless you get lucky on eBay - you do occasionally see things like lone headstocks - I'd say getting one made is your best bet. Record themselves seem to have little interest in supporting all the many variations that they've sold over the years (sort of understandable, but it does make me a bit wary of them).
Post photo of shaft.
If bearing surface on shaft is good and it have those holes for turning between centers.

The metal shop could turn off broken thread and weld fresh piece of metal and make new thread like standard M33x3,5
But this stuff is annoying and must be precision made, so it have right price.
Record do sell spare spindles and bronze bearing sets for some models last time I looked. I wonder if there is a related version that you could buy and modify to fit.
The parts are expensive, but I imagine that getting something like this replicated will cost even more. Spindle and bronze bush may also benefit from being replaced as a pair.
Frankly, unless Record can supply a set, I doubt it's economic. Cheaper to buy another used lathe.
Sell it on to someone who has a lathe and tooling to be able to make themselves a replacement at non commercial rates or break it for parts.
As a CL2 owner, I'd call these Record lathes solid but crude. It annoys the hell out of me that they didn't even jig them properly to line up the head and tailstock centres / axes. If I had bought new rather than a cheap secondhand lathe to learn on, it would have gone back...
+1 for what Dominik said. If the only problems are the stuck centre and the mangled thread these can be fixed one way or another - much cheaper than getting a new spindle made from scratch. Maybe worth posting in the metalworking section - there are folk on here with metalworking kit/expertise who may be able to help. I'd offer myself, but I'm in Derbyshire.
Hi I’ve recently bought a replacement spindle from Record power for my cl1 lathe it is the green version not sure if the same parts fit the blue one it cost £45. Cheers