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10 Oct 2016
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Boston Lincolnshire
Hi Guys
This is for owners of the above Air filter. Had mine 2 years now great piece of kit till today. Will only work on the medium speed. As its registered with record, contacted them and in 15 minutes got a reply telling me that the PCB board would be the fault. Sent me a diagram showing how to replace it.
If I was happy to do it myself would put it in the post for me.
Great service I thought. Glad I registered it.
Cheers pops, bought a AC400 at the DM tool show last october, just checked i did register it, really happy with it, hope i dont get the same problem ,but good to here after sales is good, i did have a problem with my DX1000 vac the drums plastic coatin came off, again replaced and sent a pack of filter bags as a goodwill gesture, equally as good in my eyes as Axminster and 5 year guarantee to boot, would recommend both RP and Axminster for after sales service
So as far as I know this is a fault in this model, not just the Record one. I had the Jet version which was essentially the same just older, lots of bits on the forums about the electrical issues with those.

Sometimes its the damn remote that decides to stop working.
Spence":747o9ql6 said:
Sometimes its the damn remote that decides to stop working.
I also have the AC400 - I have considered training my TV Remote control to operate the AC400 - so that when the TV breaks I have a spare remote to use with the AC400.

I noticed that the buttons on the front only control the speed. So without the remote control it wouldn't be possible to set the 1/2/4 hour timer. Perhaps there is a schematic that shows an additional wiring for adding a second witch e.g. if the remote is lost/breaks then an additional switch can be added?

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