Has record power gone to the dogs.


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26 Jul 2022
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Well. I rang record power yesterday to order spare parts for the maxi 2. I needed a handwheel, washer for the spindle locking nut and a pulley for the motor. I was told they had everything in stock and I was promised the washer and the handwheel were the same as th maxi 1 which I continually told then was a completely different lathe but they insisted so I ordered. On the plus side they where delivered today. On opening the package I found I was right. The handwheel is completely different the maxi 2 has outboard lh m33 thread for the wheel to screw on. The one they sent is a little smooth holed with a set screw. (Not happy) next the washer was completely different. I looked up the parts diagram for both lathes today and the difference is obvious. I thought the people at record might have a clue what they are talking about and selling. Finally the pulley was correct. But some of the threads are damaged badly enough that they would cut the belt. I’m really disappointed in the so called service I got. Was going to put the lathe back together this weekend. Now I have to wait till 10 am Monday morning to get in touch and find out what they are going to do as I’m not paying for returning the wrong and damaged items. And are they going to manage the simple task of sending me the right un damaged parts. Confidence in a British company has been knocked.
I have several RP machines and I've always had good service from them. They respond to queries quickly and provide the correct part numbers or free manuals for discontinued machines. That's my experience anyway.
pay peanuts u get monky's.....
same thruout all industries.....
anyone any good are seen as threat to management....
so they employ morons.....no skill nec and dont ask for common sence......
always give part numbers where poss.....
most people in the stores have never used the machine......

pretty sure they will just get u the correct parts and what they sent is now junk to them....
cost more to post and put em back on the shelf than their worth.....crazy world......

u wanna try ordering stuff abroad.....hahaha.......
Well after phone calls and promises that they would send me a good pulley. Record power sent me a personally checked pulley in replacement for the damaged one. Look what I received.


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