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3 Mar 2022
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Hoping that there might be some MAXI-1 Lathe owners on here who might be able to help or have had a similar situation.

Last week I was working on a bowl blank on the lathe and as normal I hit the stop switch on the switch box to stop and examine where I was. Once I had checked the piece I went to switch the lathe back on but nothing happened. I checked the following in order

  1. Mains Plugged in ( hit start switch) - no response
  2. Unplugged, replaced fuse, plugged in, hit start switch - no response
  3. Unplugged, opened switchbox blew out any dust with compressed air, checked for any loose wiring, resealed switch box, plugged in, hit start switch - no response
  4. Phoned Record Power, got a really bad line and the only thing they could suggest was that it was the switchbox, the VFD or the motor. When asked what the VFD said I hadn't checked so the cheapest option to fix being the switchbox i ordered on figuring if it fitted happy days if not I had a spare for future.
  5. While waiting I opened vfd ( transducer) housing, blew out any dust with compressed air, checked connections, message on VFD reads 'rdY' lights aren't flashing which seems to indicate in remote mode.
  6. Got new Switch box via DPD today (second attempt having attempted to delivery to my Neighbour due to wrong address / phone number) it doesn't look exactly the same but part change over time.
  7. Have attempted to fit the new box and partial success when I hit the start button it runs but in reverse and will not reverse (go forward) when I turn the direction controls.
So from the above I have several options as to what is wrong

A. They've sent me the wrong part, one of the wire is a different colour (green instead of orange), I'm assuming that this is just a code change and you can see in Pic3 that I've connected in 5V terminal
B. They've sent me the correct part (invoice lists it as MAXI-1 Switchbox) but I've connected it wrongly (orange to 5V?)
C. Switch box is fine and wired correctly but VFD needs reprogrammed, looked at the manual and frankly it looks terrifying trying to work my way through it.
D. Switch box is fine and wired correctly but VFD is buggered
E. Motor is buggered

I bought the lathe second hand and it's been working fine since October of last year so nearly 6 months. Given that the motor runs I think it's unlikely it's the motor
When I called RP at point 4 above the guy I spoke to said there were manuals online for the VFD (ATV12HU15M2) so I'm not confident that the RP support staff know that much about the VFD programming / interface.

Is there anyone who has come across fixed this before? Or knows of a good RP service person near Edinburgh as the looking on the RP website the nearest stockist is several hours away in Inverness.

Thanks (and sorry for the long post)



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It's ok I figured it out with some help from a friend - moved the LI2 to LI1 and LI3 to LI2 second opinion is always a good idea!