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Le dullard de la commune
2 Mar 2007
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This morning I have been helping my son at his house. Next door has been vacant for over a year. We created a fair amount of rubbish so I suggested using next door's bin.
I got though the unlocked side gate and found the bin half full of rusty tools.
We think the folks who have inherited the house are starting to clear out.

I moved the bin onto the front drive and upended it. I've salvaged a few handfuls of stuff and then cleared up their drive (was quite litter strewn), topped it up with our waste and left out the front for the binman.

There was not much to speak of; best bits were two very nice (once I gave them a clean) sliding bevels. Plus 5 manky marking gauges.
I already have 2 bevels and umpteen gauges.

Any ideas what I can turn them into?
Failing that they will go to next year's Macmillan "do".
Glad you found me rusty tools before putting out our bin, awaiting bulk delivery of Evaporust 8) Be up with it at the weekend :wink:
Apparently the (what is assumed to be) sons are quite refined looking gentlemen.

....... I have met you and your brother!
You can turn a marking gauge into a mortice gauge or scratchstock quite easily.