Raised Beds


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30 Oct 2003
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Cambridge, UK
I have some raised beds to build 2m x 1.2m x 500mm. They will be more than just to grow veg in, they will be one end of a gravel area so I was thinking about using 6" x 2" treated, regularised timber with an eased edge. Mitred joins at the end. Glued and then stacked three high with a bit of 2x4 on top to hold the liner in place. They will be painted to match other garden items.

My concern is though that this may be susceptible to cupping over time and am wondering if I could prevent that by laminating together two pieces of 6x1 in opposite orientations so any cupping would be in opposite directions.

Any comments appreciated.

Raised Bed - exploded - L3.jpg

If it’s predominately living out side it will be exposed to all that the weather has to offer so I’d not be too concerned , I made mine out of re claimed larch fencing and 2 years in they still look decent - they will probably get a coat of varnish next year .. hope this helps
Treated timber will most likely be fine, I recently build some using the sleeper style timber from my local ridgeons which have been excellent although a bit pricier.
Thick timber screwed to stout uprights will be better than glue and laminating. Leave your timber outdoors a while before building so it is acclimated, can get horrible results if it's too dry
I would put a post in the middle of the length side to stop them bowing with the weight of the soil.