Quick release (1/4 turn) fasteners for ply panel?


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Jackie H

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30 Oct 2022
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Hi all,
I am seeking some guidance on sourcing some quick release fasteners for my router table build. I thought this would be a relatively straight forward task but it is proving harder than I thought.
I want to fit a removable panel (1/2" ply) into a below table frame (dust collection box). Amazon and similar seem to point only to motor bike/car fasteners i.e. for fairings and the like. Other specialists don't seem to sell directly in the UK and/or offer a myriad of choices which is a tad baffling so I don't know if I would be buying the right type/size.
As I mentioned the panel is 1/2" ply and it would sit on a frame inside the carcase, probably 1"x1" battens. I could use std. nut inserts with hex screws but they would take a while to unscrew each time a wanted to remove teh panel hence looking for something a bit smarter.
Any thoughts/recommendations gratefully received.
Does the head of the fastener need to be flush with the panel? Or can it project?

A simple camlock fastener might do the trick (image below is key screwdriver-operated, but handle or knob operated is probably available):

I think I would use wood turn buttons mounted on the surround, but I found this different sort as well.
Edit, I was thinking more along the lines of the homemade double ended ones fitted to rabbit hutches and hen coops.

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There is a difference between 'look for x' and 'this part number from the x product range will work in 1/2" ply with 1" timber framing'.


One of these would work with a square key to open it. The other end would not need hinges, just two projecting pegs to locate into holes (a bit like how door hinge bolts work).

Thank you for pointing out something that Basil Fawlty might have picked up on.I could of course turn up with a pocket full of the hardware and install it free of charge but that would definitely extract every last vestige of satisfaction that the original poster might have hoped for.
Note that Camloc is a brand name,something google would be aware of.
Have you tried rare earth magnets? Cheap and many different types. Strip of thin metal on one side, magnet on the other
Hi all,
Thank you for all the ideas. I needed something that would create a good mechanical (compressive) seal between the removeable panel and the frame. The panel is also going to house the dust collection port to the under table dust collection box. The Dzus fasteners are the most like what I imagined but I couldn't find any that would accommodate the depth of panelling/or I needed to buy 100's. I have come to the conclusion that I was perhaps trying to be too smart and I will opt for std. nut inserts and hex screws. It did occur to me at this point that I could buy a long reach Allen key Impact driver bit which would speed things up when removing the panel. I don't know why I didn't think of that in teh first place lol.
Thanks again, all ideas help!
Ah, now they look just the ticket. I have ordered some from Amazon. Packet of 10 about the same price as a set of hex impact drivers. Worth a try. I have hedged my bets and ordered the hex drivers as well lol.
Button-fix are quite good....

...at what they are designed for. That is putting on a bath panel that is removed and replaced less than once a year.

To me, it is not the best to suggest/repurpose items without either clarifying their original intended use or asking of the intended use by the poster.

We know nothing concerning how often he will be removing and replacing the panel. If it is a frequent operation, we should at least speculate on the likely lifespan of the items used in that way.
I did read the manufacturers instructions and guides from the link provided by Doug before I purchased. They say they are designed for easy service access which is what wanted. I am not expecting to need to remove the panel that often, just when I want to give the dust collection box a good vac out. They look durable. For what is only a few £pounds I am comfortable to give then a go. As I said, I did hedge my bets so nothing lost if it doesn't work as expected. Nothing tried nothing gained as they say.
Jackie ('she' not 'he').
@Jackie H , I use the button fix solution for lots of projects, a couple to mention, fold up darts Oche's, for pubs, made a few, they fold in half then fold back to the wall, under the board, clipping into the BF clips on the wall, all used regularly, never had an issue, another project was some fold away trestle tables, used the BF clips to hold the table tops on to the the fold up legs.


table under side.jpgbutton 1.jpgbutton legs.jpgbutton tables.jpg
Another couple of options.
[a] couple of lift-off hinges one side and toggle clamp other. Dearer.
fixed studs to frame and wingnuts to compress the seal. Cheap as chips.

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Morning all,
I have now now fitted my removable panel into my router bench. I have used the button-fix as suggested by Doug. I used 4 which for the size of the panel is a bit overkill however it has created the seal that I wanted. I will need to add a handle to help when removing. A thumbs up from me.
Lots of good ideas to get the brain cells working. I hadn't thought of using studs and wingnuts which also would have worked but if I had I may not have made the post and then I wouldn't have found out about the world of buttons.
Thanks all