Quarter sawn douglas fir


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15 Jan 2022
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Hi - I'm just wondering if anyone would know of a source for dry quarter saw Douglas fir or spruce. It's for a mast and spars for a small sailing dinghy I'm building. Ideally it would be quarter saw with a tight grain. Thanks in advance.
I don't, but I have bought quarter sawn oak from these chaps: Quarter Sawn Oak Company who:
a) were very helpful
b) do some other woods
c) seem to be quite well connected
so I suspect they might either mill you some as you need it - or know someone who can...
(or sell you some oak!)

Give Tom Nielsen in Gloucester Docks a ring
Totton timber are recommended by boat builders.

But there must be a local woodmill who can cut to suit.
Stones marine timber, Robbins timber. Or have a sort through the stock in your local timber yard.
For a small dinghy you should be able to find some suitable wood in any timber or builders merchants, youl just have to look through the stack to get the right piece. If you want perfect clear and straight you can get aircraft spruce which is a grade used for glider repairs, try Severn valley sailplanes in SW.
Just wanted to let you know that both Stones and T Nielsen had a large supply of marine grade quarter swan Douglas fir in a variety of sizes. Thanks again all.

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