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StarGazer":1lk9imm1 said:
Also interested in any good wood yards NW of Oxford, I have used Powells in E. Oxford but seem expensive. Someone recently also posted a link to a place south of Didcot.
I got the constructional timber for the workshop from Clarkes in Witney. Not cheapest, but free delivery. The timber was just about OK. They are scary for hardwood :shock:. I've been recommended Timms in Brize Norton, they had large stocks last time I was there many years ago for diy stuff, must try them again for proper wood.

Two old sawmills which I need to investigate are Eynsham Park and Barlows, quite close to me. Both make fencing and other landscapey stuff but may supply oak and softwood? I've not found anything in a Chippy/Banbury direction however :(.

Looking forward to seeing your photies :).

This is a follow-up to my last post, for those in Oxfordshire. From a hardwood newbie's point of view :shock:

I've just visited Eynsham Park Sawmill, between Witney and Bladon, and came away with a short plank of Beech for making vice jaws :D.

In amongst their gate/shed making and green oak stocks, they have a largish shed of kiln dried hardwood. Go to the office first and they'll direct you / get someone to unlock it. Another customer while I was there was already happily rooting around :). They seem to stock in 8ft and 12ft lengths with the odd shorter length, and a range of thicknesses and widths. I think they prefer to sell it as it comes. I paid £30/cft for a 6"x1.5"x4' plank of Beech that a helpful assistant found for me. I forgot to check other prices :oops:. In the office they list oak, 1/4 sawn oak, burr oak, brown oak, ash, beech, spalted beech, cherry, sweet chestnut, holly, sycamore, yew, and walnut. I'll certainly try them again if I progress further into hardwood stuff.

Hope this is of use to locals if they haven't found them before. Oh yes, take your wellies :shock:.

I feel a bit rude folks, and I do apologise most sincerely.

THANKYOU for the French cleat / dags link - went and investigated them, most useful, if a little unhelpful where I've got pre-fab concrete sections in my garage - I've taken photo's of it / wood in the gardenm which I'll post a new thread about. I've also put up a 'pin-board' without the pins... :shock:
OT for Mailman14

I use French Cleats a lot.

A few years ago I had a client who's elderly dog had started to pee in one of the rooms in the house. The pee was running across the floor and affecting a floor standing book case. the floor was sealed tiles so the pee didn't affect that.

She couldn't stop the dog peeing there and besides the dog didn't have long anyway but she wanted a quick solution that would save the book case without changing the layout of the room.

I solution was to make the book case plinth removeable on sliding dovetails so that it could be slid out from under the book case for mopping. I then hung the whole book case fron the wall on a pair of French Cleats, top and bottom, so that when assembled the plinth was 3mm off the floor.

It meant that the book case still looked floor standing but the plinth could be slid out for mopping the floor with the book case apparently suspended in the air still full of books.
Night Train, 8)

Might need to do that in the kids rooms soon - not for the pee problem - just running out of floorspace :shock:

Thanks for the pointers to Eynsham Park, I think I have been getting cconfused with Blenheim Park sawmill which is much more orientated towards fencing timber. Definitely looks worth a visit, went right past it in the bus yesterday as the driver got a bit lost between Hanborough and Charlbury (rail replacement due to the Cotswold line being closed for the summer).


for those on the cotswold side of oxford i'd definyely recomend vasterns in wooton bassett (near swindon) - its only about 30 minuites down the A420 ( i should know as i work in oxford and make that drive both ways nearly everyday)