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30 Apr 2022
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Recently bought a spray gun for other paint spraying projects, but have a few doors to paint so thought I might try spraying them too.
What do you reccomend as a sprayable primer, and what ratio would you mix it?
Bit of a vague question tbh what type of spray gun. What sort of doors? Interior exterior. Water base solvent base.
Hmm, good point. Its a HVLP gun, exteriors doors, prefer water based just for ease of cleanup
First off, I’m no diary or paint expert. Just from my amatory experiences😉
Water based paint is IMO absolute rubbish. You can’t burn it off, it forms a hard shell that when it cracks water gets underneath and the first thing you know about it is when rot holes appear on the stuff. To get it off to repaint is hours and hours of sanding. It doesn’t last very long either: Horrendous!!!
Now depending on you gun any needle size determines how much you need to thin. (Ford cup or similar for viscosity testing) too much with water based and it’s a nightmare so you have to thin with an additive like Floetrol.
For a decent job you need a proper oil based paint for spraying and subsequent maintenance.

For clean up of mineral based based paint you want some Gun Wash, (I use Tetrosyl Gun Wash: GUN 005, which you can get in 5litre tins. Brilliant for getting almost anything off) along with proper gloves and mask with appropriate filters (the latter you need anyway)

You will need a Gun Wash for water based too if you go that way, it dries faster than you can blink on and in a hot gun.
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I'm guessing here but power will be an issue spraying anything thicker than milk(water base)! Primer is particularly thick. Being honest I'd just brush paint. Topcoat can just about be sprayed with a 5 stage hvlp 1.8 needle but you need to buy industrial stuff that hasn't had thickener added. Diy stuff tends to be real thick. Oil base is better to brush generally although you could try spray.