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8 Oct 2023
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I'm about to make 12 external doors and 16 casement windows which I will paint before installing. I don't have a regular need for paint spraying but I think this is a project where a sprayer could pay for itself in time saved.

It'd be a bonus if the sprayer I bought could spray limewash into the internal walls of a barn. I normally mix my limewash to the viscosity of emulsion so I'm guessing it ought to go through okay.

I'd be grateful of any thoughts and advice on type and brand of sprayer to look for. The Wagner 250M at ~£400 seems like it might do what I would need. I think that's the top end of my budget, any more than that and I'm not sure I can justify the purchase for one project.

I have a decent sized compressor so a requirement for air is not an issue but airless seems (based on 5 minutes on Google) seems like the way to go?

Also, any tips on the best paint to use, setting up a spray booth/room and cleaning up very much appreciated.
Have you thought of hiring the equipment as you do not have a regular need.
I hadn't. Good thought thank you.

Looks to be around £250 + VAT for a week, obviously it's going to be a more expensive professional quality machine for that. Tough decisions.