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Having all your tools nicely boxed up makes life much easier for the criminal fraternity, they can be in and gone much quicker than if having to hang around and pack them all up themselves.
Yebbut some of us have to make a living from our tools that involves transporting them, obviously making them easier for me to move about makes it easier for thieves to move, I don’t see a way around that perhaps you do?
I’m in the process of re marking all of my tools and cases etc with u a uv pen. It won’t stop them from getting stolen but if they are recovered at least you can prove they’re yours . Apple tags or similar are also useful. Ultimately the best defence is to keep them with you where possible and try to avoid leaving them in your car or van . Cover them with sheets to keep out prying eyes, there are some very cheap and small alarms that will start screaming if they sense vibrations. In the end you can only make it as difficult as possible so force them to make as much noise as possible and light up the exterior with flood lights and cctv where possible.
I don’t see a way around that perhaps you do?
I was looking more at the workshop user than people who work on sites but I really do understand your predicament as I have known many people over the years who have had their tools stolen by scumbags who either don't realise or more likely don't care that it is these tools that give someone there living and without them they are unable to work. There is no easy way to prevent theft, but never leave tools in a van unless it is in a secure garage and fitted with a van vault which can help. Use a chemical marker and make sure that fact is clearly advertised on your van and tool boxes but often one way to prevent theft is to make the tools worthless to scumbags by clearly marking them by branding but they are still fully functional to the owner.