Successful router dust collection with CamVac

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In my wall mounted box I used acoustic tiles (Amazon, not the egg box type). I used the single exhaust pipe supplied by RP for the purpose and slit it in to 2 pieces. I got the fittings for the cut ends from Plastic Pipe Shop and glued the flanges into a rebate I made in the the box. The cut pipes fitted the flange perfectly.
I measured the sound level using an android app on my phone. Not the most accurate, however see pics, before and after.
It doesn't appear to affect performance of the vac. The baffle design is just like a car exhaust and is not meant to create too much back pressure. As I said it does work well. If I remember correctly 3dB represents a doubling of sound pressure so actually quite a significant difference.



that sounds great, i cheaped out on a triton for my table but got an incra plate and the clean sweep inserts, just laminated some birch ply for the top, seems a crime to cut a hole in it now considering what it cost! i will also use a camvac for dust collection and build a box around the router, thanks for the tips