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5 Apr 2022
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Apologies if this is in the wrong section. A few of my power tools (jigsaw, random orbit sander, angle grinder) sill live in the cardboard boxes they came in, but the boxes are getting battered and I'd like to store the tools in a more tidy and secure way. So, I bought 3 plastic boxes (with hinged lids) through Amazon, thinking the foam inserts they contained would let me cut out the shape of the tool for secure storage. In the event, the foam inserts are much thinner then I thought so my plan hasn't worked. Long story but I ended up getting a refund from Amazon (as the return process failed) but they said I could keep the boxes! So, I'm now looking for the best insert that will let me do as I first imagined but before I buy a load of foam, thought I'd ask you all for your ideas!

Hope that makes sense, thank you as always for your thoughts


I've watched that business grow from it's early days. Small business, hard workers, hire from their local area. All the things we'd want to support.
Bulk packs of 3 or 5 sheets of foam are the way to go. The easy peel is durable and you'll soon get the hang of cutting it with a scalpel.
Many colours on offer. The yellow is "lemon". The red and royal blue are fine, Orange and teal (makita esq) really pop. Purple's pretty good too.
I also went down the route of using foam for my tool inserts this is the box I use for my sds, impact driver, multi tool & angle grinder with a drawer of accessories underneath



I’d shop around as there’s a big difference in price in the multi layered foam but I’ve found it surprisingly good, so much so I’ve a couple more boxes with jigsaw & drill drivers etc in, oh & I’m not sponsored by the foam manufacturer
I took the plunge on the Dewalt Tough System 2 three box/trolley when there were special offers on at Screwfix. Very well made and effective sealing from damp etc. Christmas present of a couple of the insert trays and the next step will be shadow foam.
I have used shadow foam for several different purposes and it’s a game changer . The latest project was a Milwaukee case which I ripped out the insert that came with it used it to store 2 sets of impact sockets so they would not move within the case. You can build it up in layers as reqd . I paid £25 for a sheet 1000 x 500 mm from Amazon..


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It’s a massive much needed market now mainly because of scum breaking into vans, you now need to be able to load & unload a van morning & night as easily as possible.
This is the reason I’ve gone down this route & getting 4 power tools in one box (like in my photos above) speeds things up no end.
I’d add that once at a jobsite I don’t leave power tools on the van as I appreciate packing them up as I do could make it easier for thieves so they are all unloaded first thing & not reloaded until I’m ready to leave the job.
I didn't realise people put tools in boxes. :LOL:
I didn't either until my two daughters bought houses of their own. Now being able to lift various tools, complete with their associated bits, in one box is a major asset.
I've just bought a few of the DeWalt T-Stak boxes currently on offer at £20 in Screwfix and am fitting bespoke mdf inners to hold routers, cordless circular saw etc etc. As I also have T-Stak organisers for screws and fittings it's the approach that suits me best.
Thing is it’s all those small items that you can easily lose track of . Then you buy more because you can’t see them you end up with fixings that you already have but worse none of the particular fixings you need -usually when you’re miles away any supplier and then lose time and money 💴 to source what you need. I can now see at a glance what is running out and needs replacing and the time spent searching for any particular item is greatly reduced.


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If you have a shop vac designed to take toolboxes on top, that's one of the ways to go. I can't afford to waste the space above the vac so there are 5 L-boxes clipped on top of it keeping the most used cordless pretty handy.
I started organising tools and supplies into boxes and the Tstak system when I stared renovating houses. This was because I was spending a considerable amount of time looking for tools. I also had duplicate tools, of which only one or two were my preferred ones. The others just got in the way. So organising them made them easier to find, but also thinned them out to just the ones I used. My productivity shot up after the the reorganisation.
Having all your tools nicely boxed up makes life much easier for the criminal fraternity, they can be in and gone much quicker than if having to hang around and pack them all up themselves.
Trouble is they don’t care , they go ( equipped ) these days and are more than happy to search through your van, or workshop to get what they want . T.stack boxes etc can be padlocked together or secured to heavier more bulky items to make it more difficult but nothing is too much for the modern day toe rags and lowlife that steal from others ..
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Many year ago I heard of a farmer who protected his barn housing his tractors …with a trip wire that released a railway sleeper hanging from a chain - that swung right at the doorway …..no repeat offending 😱😱

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